Behind the scenes, making of electric hair

Please click image for larger view.

Please feel free to use, but please credit photographer: Adrian Bradbury

images are saved for web jpegs, please contact for hi res jpegs ( contact via facebook)

IMG_9641-2 IMG_9641 IMG_9629-2 IMG_9629 IMG_9613-2 IMG_9613 IMG_9847-2 IMG_9847 IMG_9832-2 IMG_9832 IMG_9817-2 IMG_9817 IMG_9802-2 IMG_9802 IMG_9794-3 IMG_9794-2 IMG_9788-2 IMG_9788 IMG_9784-2 IMG_9784 IMG_9762-2 IMG_9762 IMG_9757-2 IMG_9757 IMG_9749-2 IMG_9749 IMG_9741-2 IMG_9741 IMG_9739-2 IMG_9739 IMG_9736-2 IMG_9736 IMG_9714-2 IMG_9714 IMG_9710 IMG_9700-2 IMG_9700 IMG_9699-2 IMG_9699 IMG_9696-2 IMG_9696 IMG_9695-2 IMG_9695 IMG_9690-2 IMG_9690 IMG_9680-2 IMG_9680 IMG_9662-2 IMG_9660-2 IMG_9660 IMG_9659-2 IMG_9659 IMG_9657-2 IMG_9657 IMG_9651-2 IMG_9651 IMG_9646-2 IMG_9646 IMG_9643-2 IMG_9643






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