Other end of lens at a vintage shoot

I follow other photographers for inspiration and style on Facebook and read a lot of blogs to (which my wife would rather me not do- I think she wants me to watch “woman who snap” or the crime channel, maybe she hinting lol)
Anyways, a photographer called katariina posting saying some like “6ft plus 30 year old male required for a groom in a photoshoot needs to be free on x date” I thought I’m free on that date, why not..I might learn a trick or to…..indeed I did.
I met a lovely crew of make up artist, vintage collector/stylist, 2 amazing photographers (light trick photography and Linda Johnstone photography) and the lovely assistant/bride model Sarah.
The sets were amazing yes AMAZING! All vintage setups, afternoon tea set in a huge converted barn with some very scrumptious cakes etc posing for 5 lumps of sugar was a good giggle. Then a hidden afternoon picnic, again laid out on a blanket was tea cakes, birdcages grammafone etc, a deck chair set with crocket set etc, then a gorgeous jetty into a beautiful English pond. A few other shots in the surrounding location as well.
I had an amazing time and enjoyed modelling with Sarah, she wore some show stopping vintage dresses, pin up style hair lashes pearls the business, and I wore a 3 piece grey suit and an arrangement of ties.
Time flew that day, but eventually I had to leave, hopefully we will do a follow up again, as the team had aload more of interesting ideas, especially with horses!!
I have only seen a handful of shots but what I’ve seen are gorgeous!
I will post my favs as I see them.
Also I’ll write more about all the crew in future posts.


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