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Eastbourne herald my local paper will cover my recent projection project.


Baby scan projected onto side of gallery by proud dad to be….

Published on Friday 27 April 2012 09:15

A proud mum and dad to be projected an image of their 12 week scan onto the side of the Towner as a unique way of telling their friends they were expecting.

Adrian and Emma Bradbury had kept their news secret until the all important three month check but once they knew everything was OK, they decided to break the news – and how.

Adrian, who has been experiment with art since studying design, uploaded their scan pic onto his i-Pad so he could start documenting his wife’s pregnancy.

Then, after borrowing a projector and a generator from friends, he headed first to Birling Gap and then the Towner to broadcast the image on a massive scale.

Speaking to the Herald he said, “We chose the Towner because it was the most arty place in Eastbourne. Quite a few people walking past had a look at what we were doing and the gallery’s cleaner came out to see what we were doing.

“I took a photo and put in on Facebook for our friends to see. It was like, “This is the secret we have been keeping for the last 12 weeks,” and everyone left lovely comments.

“Hopefully it will be something nice to keep and show the bay once it is born. We are so proud and looking forward to what will be our first child.

“When they are born I will have to do something even bigger.”


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